Cozumel Carnaval 2022

It still feels very odd, but Carnaval in Cozumel started today. It was postponed from its normal time in February until now because government officials did not want to hold the festivities and large gatherings when it was not safe due to Covid. So, here we go! Thanks to Stingray Villa for posting the schedule for the coming month! If you can make it down, please check with Residencias Reef Rentals for a luxury condo rental during your stay! The following was taken from the Stingray Villa website.

April 23 Presentation of candidates, farewell kings 2020
April 30 Presentation of candidates in individual costume
May 6 Ladies Show
May 7 Voting night, kings of carnival 2022
May 13 Voting night, kings of diversity
May 14 Youth kings election.
May 15 Popular presentation for children and youth kings. 

May 18 Coronation of kings
May 19 Children’s category, comparsas contest
May 20 Costume contest, maternal, kindergarten, children, and pets
May 20 Youth and free comparsas contest, Presentation of emperors
May 21 First Carnaval Parade
May 21 Fantasy night and masks. Costume contest.
May 22 Second Carnaval Parade
May 22 Tropical night. Show Presentation of the queen of nobodies.
May 23, Ceviche festival
May 23. Paint & Run 5k race
May 23 Artistic presentation in Benito Juárez Park.
May 24 Third and last Carnaval Parade. Closing concert.
May 25 Burning of Juan Carnaval.

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